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On the last day, JD(S) Chief Kumaraswamy said, "There Is No Demand For Me"

JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy said that he does not believe the exit polls and would wait till the results are really announced as the counting of votes cast for the May 10 Karnataka Assembly elections began.

“Exit polls are not reliable. Just one hour before the vote counting started, he declared, “We will wait and see what happens when the results really come out.

“We've already made a decision. I leave it to the people,” he continued, giving the impression that he has already decided what to do in the event that it gets to make the final decision.

“The exit polls have given 30-32 seats to JD(S),” he said. There is no demand for me since I am a minor party.I'm looking for positive progress.

Prior to the election, Kumaraswamy said that the JD(S) was open to forming an alliance with either the Congress or the governing BJP.

The governing BJP and the Congress conducted strategy meetings on Friday, the day before the Karnataka Assembly elections' ballots were counted, to discuss how to keep the flock together. Given that most exit polls indicated a close race between the two parties, they also gave independent candidates a thought.

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