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Unveiling Vaaman: A Breakthrough in Edge Computing By Indian Startup Vicharak

Vaaman, an edge computing board developed by Indian Startup Vicharak ( Computer Hardware Staratup ), has recently captured the industry’s attention with its impressive features and capabilities. This powerful edge computer stands out from the crowd with its six-core ARM CPU and FPGA boasting 112,128 logic cells. However, what truly sets Vaaman apart is its unique dance of software and hardware, which makes it the ideal solution for tackling the most demanding challenges that current products cannot meet. Let’s delve deeper into the advanced features of Vaaman:

The Vaaman board is equipped with a powerful six-core ARM CPU and an FPGA featuring 112,128 logic cells. This combination of processing power allows Vaaman to handle even the most intensive workloads with ease. Whether it’s running complex algorithms or performing data-intensive tasks, Vaaman’s advanced CPU and FPGA ensure top-notch performance and efficiency.


One of the standout features of Vaaman is its  300-MBps link between the FPGA and CPU. This high-speed link enables optimized hardware acceleration and parallel computing. With this connection, Vaaman delivers exceptional performance in tasks that require real-time processing and low latency.

Vaaman offers a comprehensive range of interfaces, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to various application environments. The board includes interfaces such as PCI, HDMI, USB, MIPI, audio, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LVDS, and GPIOs. This wide array of interfaces allows easy integration with different systems, enabling high-speed data transfer and seamless connectivity.


Vaaman excels in a wide range of applications, especially in the field of AI and machine learning (ML). It offers exceptional performance in tasks such as object classification, human presence, and gesture detection. Its powerful processing capabilities enable efficient execution of complex algorithms, contributing to the accuracy and speed of AI and ML systems. Vaaman revolutionizes edge computing by offering versatile applications that address a wide range of requirements. From object classification to human presence and gesture detection, Vaaman’s powerful CPU and FPGA excel in executing AI and ML algorithms at the edge

In addition to AI and ML applications, Vaaman is also well-suited for cryptographic algorithms. Its advanced CPU and FPGA provide efficient processing of cryptographic operations, ensuring data security and privacy. This capability is crucial in industries that handle sensitive information and require robust encryption and decryption processes. 

Vaaman’s hardware acceleration and parallel computing capabilities make it an excellent choice for real-time video and image processing. With its link between the FPGA and CPU, Vaaman ensures consistent latency, enabling seamless and responsive video and image analysis. This feature is essential in applications such as surveillance systems, intelligent cameras, and automated vision inspection.

Vaaman is not just a powerful computing board; it is a platform for innovation. Its onboard FPGA provides users with the freedom to create custom hardware platforms tailored to specific needs. This flexibility accelerates the development process by enabling rapid testing, prototyping, and simulation of interfaces. Also it enables real-time decision making and reduced reliance on cloud computing resources, making edge systems more efficient and responsive.

The onboard FPGA of Vaaman plays a significant role in empowering innovation in edge computing. It allows developers to create custom hardware platforms that are tailored to the specific needs of edge applications. This flexibility enables the optimization of performance, power consumption, and resource utilization, resulting in more efficient and effective edge solutions.

In conclusion, Vaaman represents a breakthrough in reconfigurable computing. Its advanced features, versatile application capabilities, and commitment to innovation make it a game-changer in the industry. With Vaaman’s powerful CPU, FPGA, and comprehensive range of interfaces, developers and engineers have a powerful platform to drive innovation and address the most demanding computing challenges. It has a potential to benifit  Drones, Robotics, Defense, Space, Autonoous Vehicle, IoT, Machine Vision, Edge Gateways like industries. As edge computing continues to gain momentum, Vaaman’s impact on this field further solidifies its position as a leading solution in the reconfigurable computing landscape.

Contact Vicharak – https://vicharak.in 

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